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Training is a process of learning new information or skills in order to improve ones capability to perform a particular task or series of tasks.

Training is an integral part of any profession or occupation and is most essential for individual growth and success in the long run.

There are different types of training such as Internship training, induction training,vocational training,Safety training and practical training.

Mostly,the aim of training is to enhance the skill and efficiency of any individual and also to update employees on the latest technologies in the market.

There are different methods of training used for imparting information such as using technology like PCs,projector screen etc. or using simulators to get real experiences.

There are even hands on training where individuals learn as and when they are on the job and lastly formal training like lectures and tutorials.

Training improves performance of employees in any organization,thereby increasing productivity in a short span of time resulting in better growth.

Disadvantages associated with training are it involves a lot of time and money, has the risk of improper training of employees which can affect performance and growth.

Qualified trainers are in a lot of demand these days,as many organizations nowadays emphasize on training of their employees for better performance and efficiency.

Lastly, getting the required training is very important for any individual in any profession to be well- versed and succeed in all endeavors.

Written by Sushma Srivatsan

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